The Michigan Health Endowment Fund (MHEF) launched a comprehensive strategic planning process in August 2015 to develop a five-year strategy for 2016-2020. The work built on initial planning and external input obtained prior to August 2015. The process included a series of strategic planning sessions with MHEF Board and staff, external research, and an Idea Lab that included the Fund’s Board and staff along with a number of external thought leaders.

The process was largely driven by a few high-level questions, including the following:

1 Given the Fund’s mission, guiding principles, and resources, and considering the overall Michigan health landscape, what are the top areas of critical need where MHEF can make a difference?


2 What are the unique roles and opportunities that will enable MHEF to leverage long-term impact on important health issues facing Michigan?


3 How can MHEF best move forward with proactive initiatives – including strategic efforts to address a targeted set of health-related issues – while also leaving some flexibility to respond to community and regional needs and opportunities that align with the Fund’s overall mission and goals?


We are excited about the strategy that has emerged from this planning process, developed in partnership with The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI). We have developed an ambitious agenda for the next five years, and we have identified some important issues where MHEF will seek to move the needle in an effort to achieve lasting impact. While much of our work will focus on grantmaking, we also believe the Fund can leverage the impact of our grants through roles that include sharing knowledge, convening and engaging various stakeholders, and inform- ing public policy. As we move forward, we know that the Fund cannot achieve its goals and fulfill its mandate if it operates in isolation. We will continue to seek external input, and will look to forge a wide range of partnerships and alliances as we seek to make real and measurable progress towards our overall mission.

You can read the Strategic Plan one-pager by clicking here.

You can read the full Strategic Plan by clicking here.