Check out our Grantmaking at a Glance [PDF].

Can I be notified when a grant opportunity comes up?

Yes! Fill out the form on our Grant Opportunities page to be notified when we release a new RFP and we will add you to our distribution list.

Do we need to submit a letter of inquiry?

While a letter of inquiry or intent (LOI) is not required, you are welcome to submit a brief concept paper (up to two pages) for review prior to your grant submission. You should check the appropriate RFP for deadlines and the appropriate contact person for your concept paper.

Is there a limit on the size of an organization’s budget?

No, there is not a limit on the size of an organization’s budget. However, an organization may not apply for a grant that is larger than 20% of its annual operating budget.

Can an organization submit several applications for different projects?

Yes! There is no limit on the number of applications an organization may submit.

Regarding the required attachments for universities, can the letter come from the Dean rather than the president? What are the requirements for the financial statement, annual report and organizational chart?

Letters can be signed by either the Dean or the University President. The financial statements and annual reports can also be from either from the university or the school. Organizational charts should demonstrate how the proposed staff or program aligns within the organizational structure of the university.

If the project is definitely a multi-year project, can we write a two-year work plan?

Yes, please provide a plan for both years if proposing a two-year project.

In the budget section under “Grantee Allocation”, are we to indicate the fundraising and general funds that may be contributed by our organization?

That is correct. If there are any funds that will be put toward the project budget that are in addition to the grant amount requested, we would like that noted.

Does the Health Fund have a written policy that addresses the percentage of the project budget that may be allocated toward indirect or administrative costs?

At this time, the Health Fund does not have a written indirect or administrative cost policy. We prefer to fund direct project costs, and understand that, especially with smaller nonprofit organizations, budget allocation to address indirect administrative costs is necessary for project success. Currently, our policy is that no more than 10% of the total grant budget can be allocated to indirect/administrative costs.

If we submit the grant early and you have questions about content, are you permitted to tell us so that we can submit additional information that clarifies the answers to any questions you may have?

The Health Fund’s goal is for you to have the strongest application possible, and we will assume that there will be follow up with you during the review process where necessary.  There is Q&A/information gathering time built into the review period so there is no need for you to submit early.

The RFP states that we must keep the total narrative section of the application within the equivalent of 10 pages, does this include the supplemental attachments that are requested in the “attachments” section of the application?

No. The 10-page narrative length does not include the supplemental attachments.

Note: While the online Fluxx grant management system does not have a word limit function, we respectfully request that applicants keep the total narrative within the equivalent of 10 pages (for example, if the narrative were in word, using standard 12-point type and one inch margins).

If you have further questions after reading the FAQs, please contact Michigan Health Endowment Fund staff at or (517) 374-0031.