Here are the 2014 award recipients:

  1. United Way for Southeastern Michigan was awarded $2 million to assist with the Detroit water crisis. The board has committed up to $1.7 million to help individuals manage their overdue water bills and $300,000 to assist low-income residents with the clean-up of debris resulting from 2014 flooding.
  2. The Food Bank Council of Michigan was awarded $5 million for a new program, Michigan Food Bank Access to Nutrition, that is supporting mobile distribution of fruits and vegetables to those in need across the state.  The program provides direct service to schools, senior centers and other areas where the need is high.  The pilot also includes a statewide campaign to teach participants in the program the importance of nutrition and how to prepare nutritious meals. The Food Bank Council of Michigan is a statewide association made up of seven member food banks that serve all 83 counties in the state.
  3. The Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan was awarded $5 million to support the expansion of a fall prevention program and diabetes management program for senior adults. In Michigan, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, nonfatal injuries and trauma related hospital admissions of older adults.  Four thousand high risk seniors will be trained in the Matter of Balance program.  Additionally, more than 4,000 high risk seniors with Type 2 diabetes will be trained in the Diabetes Self-Management program.  These seniors are not insulin dependent but need to better manage their conditions.  The Area Agencies of Aging Association on Michigan represents all 16 Area Agencies on Aging that serve all 83 counties in the state.
  4. The Michigan Recreation and Park Association was awarded $1.1 million for the development of a fitness-based program with emphasis on youth, families and seniors in selected communities. The program includes a youth physical fitness curriculum, a family fitness program, a health and wellness curriculum for seniors and the development of a series of virtual, interactive fitness classes for homebound seniors.
  5. Easter Seals-Michigan, Inc. was awarded $4.1 million to design and launch a trauma screening and assessment program for Michigan children in eight sites across the state including Oakland, Macomb, Kent, Genesee, Wayne, Kalamazoo and Isabella counties and the Upper Peninsula. The program includes a web-based screening service, complex trauma assessment and comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessment to better identify, assess and treat children experiencing trauma.
  6. The Michigan Primary Care Association was awarded $5 million for the Linking Clinical Care with Community Supports (LC3S) Project, to hire, train and integrate community health workers into primary care teams in health centers throughout Michigan. This project is working directly with patients to provide support, information and assistance with needs such as food, housing, social services and counseling. It is also to monitoring their health and increasing accountability through individualized patient plans.  This project also includes $800,000 in funding to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to implement a Medicaid Health Homes pilot in selected Michigan Health Centers as way to scale up the LC3S projects. The health homes pilots are intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of a broadened integrated care team for the delivery of care coordination and care management for individuals with multiple chronic health conditions.
  7. The Michigan Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs was awarded $5 million to fund the new “Great Health Starts Here” program designed to reduce obesity and the risk of diabetes for Boys and Girls Clubs members, 6-18 years of age. The project is focusing on physical activity, smart food choices and regular health care screenings.  Part of the project involves a partnership between the Alliance and Henry Ford Hospital to provide mobile medical screenings to youths at Boys and Girls Club locations statewide.
  8. The Michigan Association of United Ways was awarded $5 million for the support of the expansion and integration of the Children’s Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) and the Michigan 2-1-1 service.  CHAP is a collaborative, community-based program for children who are enrolled in Medicaid and is designed to reduce barriers to accessing health care at the family, health care provider and health system levels.  This funding is supporting the expansion of CHAP in Kent and Wayne counties and implementation in Genesee, Macomb, Ingham, Kalamazoo and Saginaw counties as well as northwest Michigan.
  9. The State Alliance of Michigan YMCAs was awarded $3.3 million to improve health outcomes of Michigan youth and support chronic disease prevention programs for seniors. The program includes the Healthy Out of School Time Initiative to introduce and reinforce health habits of youth in vulnerable communities at before and after school programs.
  10. The Michigan Association for Local Public Health was awarded $1.9 million to improve the population health of Michigan children and seniors by developing a framework for achieving and sustaining high rates of vaccinations. The program is working to increase the number of children 0-18 years of age who are up to date on their vaccination schedule and to increase the number of seniors protected against influenza and pneumonia.
  11. The Michigan Fitness Foundation was awarded $750,000 to pilot the Act4Health Program for Seniors in two communities. Through Act4Health, health care and service providers are being highly equipped to connect older adult patients with virtual health education and community resources to help them access healthy food, nutrition and physical activity in their communities.  They are partnering with Copper County Mental Health in the Upper Peninsula and the South Haven Health System.